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PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2010 4:18 pm    Post subject: Abbreviations Reply with quote


I've tried to collate all the recent postings to provide a definitive list of abbreviations in use within Traffic Notices, Loco Notes, etc. Thank you to all the contributors to this list.


Generally first and last letter

AY = Arley
BH = Bridgnorth
BN = Bewdley North (box)
BS = Bewdley South (box)
BY = Bewdley
CPH = Country Park Halt
HL = Hampton Loade (the exception to the rule!)
HY = Highley
KR = Kidderminster
NH = Northwood Halt

Other Locations/Departments:

1EL = no 1 engine line - ie the run round from platform 1 - KR
C+W = Carriage and Waggon
CS = Carriage sidings
CS1/2/3, = Carriage shed sidings 1, 2 & 3 with 1 being the line outside next to our running lines and 2 & 3 being the the left hand side of the shed used for running maintenance and undercover storage.
Dock = the short platform siding accessed from 1EL - KR
HBSH Rd/CS = Hollybush Road Siding or Carriage Siding, BH
KRCM = Kidderminster (Carriage) Cleaners & Maintenance department (they've recently been merged together).
P1/2/3 = Platform 1 etc
TMD = diesel depot


<number> = specific loco
Cl 73 = Class 73


CCE = Christmas Cracker Express
CLT = Christmas Luncheon Train
DFE = Diesel Footplate Experience
DMU = Diesel Multiple Unit
IFE = Introductory Footplate Experience
Inter FE = Intermediate Footplate Experience
SSFE Steam Supreme Footplate Experience

Train Designations:

Actual trains are referred by the following nomenclature:

<timetable><start point><train number> [plus optionally <coach set>(<number of coaches>)]

Timetable: A, B, C, D, E, S
Start Point: N - north (Bridgnorth), S - south (Kidderminster or Bewdley)
Train Number: 1, 2, 3 etc.


BS3 = Timetable B, 3rd formation out of Kidderminster
EN 1 [L then M] means that when the Bridgnorth originating train starting as the LMS set, when it gets to Kidderminster will come out of use and be replaced by the Mk1 Maroon set which will then finish at Bridgnorth at the end of the day. It also means that both the LMS & Maroon set will run as 8 coaches and require a suitable engine. The reason for that is because the standard formation is 8 (made up a formation of 6 plus 2 spare vehicles that can be removed or left on depending upon traffic levels). A set swap is mainly done so the full formation of 8 working from Bridgnorth can all go for scheduled maintenance at the same time .
SN1-[M(6) + V V ) = Special Event, Bridgnorth based formation using only the 6 coach part of the 8 coach Mk1 Maroon set plus the addition of the two coach Severn Valley Venturer kitchen/dining pair
SS1-[?] = Special Event, 1st formation out of Kidderminster and we haven't yet decided what coach formation we are using.
SS2-[?] = ditto... but the 2nd formation
SS3-[?] = ditto... but the 3rd formation
SS4-[S] = Special event, 4th formation out of Kidderminster using the Great Western Dining set at 8 coaches
ES1-[C(7)] = Timetable E 1st formation from Kidderminster using the Crimson & Cream Mk1 formation running as 7 coaches.
DFE-[GW2(6)] = Diesel Footplate Experience using the 2nd GW set reduced to 6 coaches
Eve Theme Train-[S(6)] = Evening Theme Train (eg Murder Mystery) using the diner formation reduced to 6 coaches.
GW2(6) = 2nd GW set reduced to 6 coaches
CN1 = Timetable C, Bridgnorth based formation, 1st train

Coach Sets:

These are the overview descriptions of the standard formations, all established as 8 coaches, that we have been ingrained with across the years. The numbers in brackets refer to the number of coaches intended to run in that formation on a particular day and also indicates how we split them up for Galas to create other formations and how those formations go back together again.

L = LMS Set
N = LNER Set - but originally it was for "Nondescript" as this set was made up from a multi liveried variety of vehicles
C = Carmine and Cream BR MK1 set
M = Maroon MK1 Set
S = Severn Valley Limited Set - but originally it was for "Special" as this set tended only to run as a special charter working. Eventually becoming the main GWR formation
GW2 = Great Western Set - 2nd formation of the other GWR coaches and containing some vehicles in need of refurbishment (internal and external) and for a few years was not used often.


DOO = Driver Only Operation (no guard)
ECS = Empty Coaching Stock
Limits TBA PICOP = limit of engineering possesion to be advised by person in charge of possession.
PR = propel; to stops = to platform end buffer stops (or nearly so!)
RR = run round (ie move loco from one end of train to the other)
SSFE Steam Supreme Footplate Experience
WTT = Working Timetable


CK = Corridor Composite (1st/3rd)
EMF = Erlestoke Manor Fund
SK = Corridor 2nd (well for us 3rd)
TSO = Tourist Second (3rd) Open
Kind Regards,

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